De Uria Sàrl



« Help us to create a better world » DE URIA is an altruistic company.

We place people’s happiness and the environment protection at the core of our business and values.

At DE URIA we believe that health and nature are our most precious good. We design beautiful Yoga & Lifestye products to make you healthier and we work with natural, organic or recycled components only.

We source the most ethically made products and care about every single detail in our production chain.


Made of organic cotton, natural tree rubber, we infuse them in ayurvedic herbs that gives them therapeutic properties.

Good grip
Machine washable
Extra long / 188 cm



We have very enthousiastic yogis - some famous ones - all around the world, who were longing so much to find a natural and organic mat on the market that they keep posting pictures of them using the DE URIA mat and tag us on Instagram almost everyday!

Most of them are now part of our Ambassadors program and help spread the word about DE URIA.

With the wish to create an organic lifestyle brand, DE URIA is expending continuously and is now offering a line of very exceptional quality of organic bath towels to yoga sudios, spas, hotels and resorts, as well as individuals wishing to live an organic life.

Because creation and new projects are at the heart of our DNA, we are working on a special yoga clothing line for Fall 2019.