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Our story

Our story

The De Uria Mission

One of the most powerful ways we contribute to what is happening on the planet is with our choices.  What we buy, what we consume, how we live, our decisions on all of these levels have an impact on the world.  And it matters.  It may seem like a small thing, but each choice makes a change.  And, with more people becoming conscious of their impact on the world, these changes accumulate.  We are learning how to become responsible caretakers of this planet one person at a time.  This is what De Uria is all about.  We are dedicated to providing high quality yoga and lifestyle products for people who want to make ethical sustainable choices.


The De Uria Story

De Uria was inspired during a journey around the world.  During this journey, we saw many different communities across the world.  These communities are filled with skilled, intelligent men and women, many of them in challenging economic conditions.  Plus, many of these communities have preserved traditional methods of handcrafting.  They create products with care and attention, filling them with love and crafting them with skill unmatched by methods of mass production.

We were also aware that the textile industry is the second greater producer of pollution in the world.  The solution seemed obvious.  We partnered with underprivileged communities in India, Sri Lanka, and Portugal, enlisting the aid of those within these communities to provide handcrafted products made in traditional ways.  This allowed us to provide better wages and a higher standard of living for the collectives in each country.  We are also helping them these communities in other ways, such as the Womens’ association we have established in Sri Lanka to provide education to underprivileged women.

Little by little, we created a global brand using sustainable organic materials.  At every step of the way, we have ensured that everyone involved in the process benefits from it.  We offer our producers a better quality of life, and we offer our customers environmentally friendly, ethically sourced products of the highest quality.  More than this, we have gone above and beyond by infusing these products with healing qualities provided by Ayurvedic herbs.  This makes our products unlike anything else on the market.


The De Uria Logo

We thought long and hard when creating the De Uria logo.  We wanted something that reflected the brand, something simple and clean that spoke towards our goal of creating products with the highest integrity that benefit the world.  We came to an image that blended two important factors: the heart chakra and the root chakra.  The heart is about connection and caring.  It’s the energy of compassion the encourages us to strive for the good of all.  The root chakra is about grounding, establishing our intentions in the physical realm.  Making it solid and real, rather than just a good intention.

This is what De Uria is all about: making real changes in the lives of everyone involved.  We benefit our customers by providing ethical, healthy, sustainable choices.  We help our producers by improving their quality of life and giving them opportunities to improve their lives further.  We are dedicated to maintaining this standard, anchoring the heart into the physical world further as we grow.