Essentials for Yoga and home which takes care of you and
our planet.


De Uria is the first Swiss brand to offer 100% organic yoga & home essentials. All our products are gentle on you, good for the mind and kind to the environment. We work with respected international labels such as Eco-Tex, ISO, Fairtrade and GOTS.

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Ethic & Substainability

Our yoga mats are ethically handwoven in India.
We work with a Cooperative that promotes micro-entrepreneurship in Kerala. Our yoga mats are made of organic cotton and natural rubber. We use Ayurvedic herbs for the dyes so that each color has a different healing property. They are made following our design philosophy: to create premium, organic products that bring sustainability and luxury together. 

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We believe in leading mindful, eco-conscious, clutter-free lives. Making space for what matters to you and what won’t harm the planet can be a truly revitalizing experience. Yes, it’s true, it asks us to make some adjustments. But the good news is that we are all in this together. Share with us your experiences so we can help each other in our respective eco-conscious journey.

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Yoga and home essentials
that care about you and the planet.