Join us to create a tomorrow with less environmental
(and mental) pollution.

Catherine Florez De Uria, founder of De Uria

Catherine dreamed of designing a yoga line that would be ethically made, in harmony with the environment and meet luxury’s high standards. She decided to pursue her « eco-dream » and dropped her successful career in finance.  

After travelling around the world to meet the best eco-textile factories and thinkers, she started De Uria in Geneva, Switzerland.

With a big heart and a great sense of style, she helps others build their eco-conscious lifestyle. She is always there for anyone who wants to learn more about sustainability, yoga and mindfulness.

Thanks to her great taste in design, eco-friendliness never feels like a bore with her. With her fun-tips and mindful approach, taking care of our planet and ourself, never felt so energizing.

The mind is powerful, become what you think

De Uria started with a simple question: «How could we enjoy beautiful, luxurious products while respecting nature and our health?».

As a start, we have created a collection of 100% organic yoga mats and bath towels. Our yoga mats are unique  : ethically handloomed  in South India with organic cotton and natural rubber, they are dyed with Ayurvedic herbs which gives each color a healing property.

Gently fluffy, kind to your skin and good for the planet, our collection of bath towels are an easy first step to adopt a conscious way of living.

Next, we will expand to a full line of organic, premium yoga essentials such as yoga clothes, malas, sprays, eye masks filled with Ayurvedic herbs and rare organic Egyptian cotton bedding. Come visit us again soon!

Less is more…energy !

At De Uria, we celebrate people who seek to live authentically and who want to make a positive impact on the environment.

There is so much we want to do to help you on your eco-conscious journey! We have a lot of « green-tips », good vibes and ideas to share.  

We promise that we will guide you when it comes to making sustainable and healthy choices in your everyday life.

We hope that our initiative will inspire you to transform your home into an eco-conscious, happy place!


De Uria is built according to yoga’s philosophy and principles.

Whether we are on or off our mats, we respect all living things and cause no harm to ourselves, others and the planet. We aim for a tomorrow with less environmental (and mental) pollution.

We are just at the beginning of De Uria, we need your help to grow and create our ideal tomorrow together.

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