Love yourself, love our planet

A positive alternative for your 

Choose to buy organic yoga & home essentials to create a positive impact on the environment and on your health.

Conventional cotton accounts for 24% of all the pesticides used worldwide, including those that are the most hazardous to our health.

All of that toxic stuff pollutes the soil and runs off into nearby waterways causing severe negative impacts at large. The organic cotton agriculture proposes a positive alternative to the textile industry.

Industrial rubber and plastic mats uses derivatives and chemical products to give the mats their smooth and compact aspect.

In India, yoga is practiced on cotton or natural fiber's mats to let the energies of the Earth flow through the body. Rubber and plastic mats block the energies from flowing naturally.

It protects our environment, farmers’ wellbeing and our health. All our products are made with your wellbeing and health in mind.

Swiss quality & certified organic 

Our yoga and home essentials are designed in Switzerland and are currently being produced in India and Portugal.

Our manufacturing partners meet the highest standards of quality. We work with respected international labels such as Oecotex, ISO, FAIRTRADE and GOTS so you can be sure that all our products are certified organic. 

Our cotton is grown without any toxic products and pesticides. We also use natural and ayurvedic dyes which makes our textiles 100% organic, 100% non allergen.

Take care of your De Uria products

We recommend to wash our towels and linens separately with toxic free detergent at a low temperature. Try not to use any softener because it will damage your De Uria’s organic cotton fiber.

Why? Simply, because organic cotton does not need to be treated. It keeps naturally its fluffiness and softness.

Yoga mats are machine washable at low temperature without detergent.
If you take care of your De Uria products as indicated, they will last longer and love you even more for it! If you must dry your linen in the dryer, please use low temperature and short cycle.

De Uria’s recycling program

We feel responsible for our home and yoga essentials’ entire lifespan: from the moment they are born until their last day.

We want to help you taking care of them so you can enjoy them as long as you wish. We also want to help you recycle them.

When you no longer need them, send us back your De Uria essentials so we can all be responsible together.  

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