With this brand, I had the vision to make beautiful products for Home & Yoga, such as home linen, yoga mats, yoga clothes (and much more to come), that will be 100% ethical and organic.

In doing this, my wish is to help protect the environment and have a social and ethical impact on the communities of different countries, where our products are made (currently India and Portugal, but more to come).

The idea was also to enhance the amazing traditional handcraft skills of different cultures and countries and help the handcraftmen and women and their families.

 In order to keep the initial intention of the project PURE, I have avoided any external investors and built it from scratch, little by little. I am now very happy to see that people from all around the world are ordering DE URIA products and want to be part of this project J

 Speaking of… I have a KICKSTARTER campaign starting soon to promote the ORGANIC & AYURVEDIC YOGA MATS (and depending on the success of the campaign, launch the YOGA AYURVEDIC CLOTHES) and would love to have your support !

 The yoga line is very unique : we use the traditional principle of AYURVASTRA which means that all our products receive an ayurvedic herbal dyeing treatment and that each color has a different energetic property.

  •   YELLOW is from turmeric and anti-inflammatory

  •   GREY is from vetiver and relaxing & grounding

  •   CORAL is from red sandalwood and is detoxifying and energizing

  •  EGGPLANT is from triphala, red sandal and vetiver and is harmonizing

I wanted to make the yoga line in India because this is where yoga was born. Traditionnally yoga was meant to be practiced on natural mat, not on rubber, to allow the energies of earth and sky to flow through the natural fabric of the mat and unite (yoga means UNION in sanskrit).


Our yogamats are already featured in the YOGA JOURNAL for their amazing quality and their innovation:

  • Good grip from natural rubber

  • Super light

  • Foldable

  • Machine washable

  • Ayurvedic dyeing (and amazing herbal smell)

  • Beautiful design

They were selected by Amma’s ashram for their consciousness.


I draw the logo myself : it combines the HEART CHAKRA and the ROOT chakra together, to anchor the heart energy in the earth.

An other core value of the brand is AHIMSA (non-violence in sanskrit).


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