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Aurora Incense

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Transport yourself to a realm of healing and spirituality with our meticulously crafted incense sticks, each one an ode to the ancient art of aromatherapy. Hand-rolled with love and care in the heart of Turkey, using only natural herbs and roots, our incense sticks are a fragrant embodiment of purity and authenticity.

Explore the mystical energies of our curated incense experiences, carefully designed to uplift your soul and set your spirit free:

  1. HEALER Experience: A soothing blend to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Let the comforting aroma embrace you, promoting balance and healing.
  2. GAÏA Experience: Connect with Mother Earth through this grounding and nurturing incense. Allow its essence to anchor you, grounding your energies to the core of the Earth.
  3. SHAMAN Experience: Embark on a spiritual voyage with this transcendent incense. Invite ancient wisdom into your space, guiding you through the realms of your consciousness.
  4. RITUAL Experience: Elevate your rituals and ceremonies with this ethereal incense. Let its fragrant dance elevate your practice, setting the perfect ambiance for your sacred moments.
  5. GURU Experience: Open your mind to enlightenment with this enlightening incense. Allow its ethereal fragrance to guide you on a path of wisdom and spiritual growth.

Every incense experience is equally special, carefully handcrafted to help you immerse in the enchanting world of scents and spirituality. As a token of our appreciation, each incense stick comes with a complimentary incense holder, ensuring a hassle-free and elegant way to enjoy the aromas.

Embrace the magic of our incense sticks and embark on a journey of profound healing and spiritual awakening. Choose your experience and let the aromatic symphony transport you to a higher state of being. 

Store incense sticks in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain their potency and fragrance. Place the lit incense stick on a heat resistant suitable surface, ensuring it is stable and won't tip over during burning to avoid damage to furniture. Dispose of used incense sticks and ashes responsibly by waiting until they are completely cooled and then placing them in a non-flammable container.

Firing time: Approx. 30 min
Content: 30 incense sticks
Length: 10 cm
Origin: Turkey
Incense holder provided

Our exceptional female weavers have made it possible to create an unparalleled collection.

De Uria's Mission

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