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Honesty has been our primary value and our brand image since 2017. The trust of our customers makes us proud every day.

At De Uria, we take pride in our commitment to promoting ethical work and fostering economic and social development in the communities we serve. Our hallmark is built on this promise, and we work tirelessly to uphold it.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we are constantly exploring the use of eco-responsible and ethical materials, as well as manufacturing processes that minimize our environmental footprint. We believe in the power of consuming less but better, and we prioritize quality over quantity, returning to the basics with a conscious and mindful approach.

Our logo embodies our brand philosophy, combining the heart and root chakras to symbolize the grounding of heart energy in matter. It serves as a constant reminder of our intention to anchor our actions in love and compassion, and to honor the interconnectedness of all beings.

Join us in our mission to live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Let us guide you on a journey towards inner peace and outer harmony.

De Uria's Yoga

At De Uria, we take pride in the noble composition of our yoga mats. We use 100% organic cotton sourced from GOTS certified production fields, carefully woven by hand by our talented collaborators in India, who bring their expert knowledge to every mat they create.

The dyeing process is just as thoughtful, with each mat immersed in Ayurvedic herbal baths to infuse them with the power of nature. After coloring, the mats are dried in the sun, allowing them to absorb the unique energy of the sun, before being carefully wrapped on artisanal wooden spools.

Our mats are made on eight-treadle weaving machines using a secret technique to interweave hand-picked natural rubber into the threads, giving each mat its unparalleled grip. And every mat is finished with care, with labels and details sewn by hand for a personal touch.

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously, and our mats are folded and wrapped with yarn, ensuring a zero-waste approach to packaging. Each mat is a testament to our dedication to ethical and eco-conscious practices, and we are proud to offer you a product that aligns with your values and supports your yoga practice.

De Uria is proud to offer anti-slip mats with a uniquely pleasant grip that combines organic cotton and tree rubber for comfort and stability in any setting, whether you're practicing on a mountaintop or in the comfort of your own home.

Crafted with care by our skilled artisans, each mat undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process that takes around 4 days to complete. Starting with spinning the cotton and immersing it in Ayurvedic herbal baths for dyeing, the material is then dried in the sun before being woven on traditional eight-treadle looms. Finally, each mat is coated with natural rubber sourced from the rubber trees of India.

Our attention to detail extends to the finishing touches, with each mat lovingly finished with hand-sewn labels and details for a personal touch.

Experience the difference of a mat crafted with intention and care. Each mat is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and creating a product that supports your yoga practice and aligns with your values.


At De Uria, we take sustainability seriously, and that's why we're proud to offer zero-waste packaging for our products. Our rugs are delivered to you folded and simply wrapped in a zero-waste yarn, without any plastic or unnecessary packaging. For hygiene purposes, our yoga clothes are delivered in recycled paper bags, ensuring that our commitment to the environment extends to every aspect of our business.

In addition, we infuse our mats, bath towels, and pashminas with Ayurvedic herbal bath, which imparts a unique color and different healing properties, as well as a light, pleasant fragrance. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our product, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of yoga without compromising your values.

De Uria's House

De Uria was born in Geneva, the brainchild of our Swiss founder. With a focus on sleek design, all of our products are designed in Switzerland using the highest quality materials.

For our yoga mats, we turn to India - the birthplace of yoga. Using only natural dyes and Ayurvedic tinctures, we create a truly unique product that sets our brand apart, each with a special serial number that identifies the skilled artisan who crafted it. And it's not just our mats - our hand-woven bath towels are also made using Ayurvedic dyes, partly in India and partly in Portugal with GOTS-certified organic cotton.

We're proud to work with craftsmen from around the world, each bringing their own unique skills and traditions to the table. From Switzerland to India to Portugal and beyond, our commitment to quality and sustainability knows no borders.