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Our Founder's point of view

Why did you create De Uria Organic?

"My first idea was to give my career a boost. Having practiced yoga for several years, my ambition was to design 100% organic products to be in harmony with the preservation of our environment 🌿

I've always had a passion for yoga and travel, with a focus on multicultural economic and social development, and was interested in working with communities. In addition, the independence of women is a cause close to my heart.

At De Uria, we train village women in Kerala to weave our rugs, enabling them to be financially independent. We also give them access to a retirement plan and health insurance." 🧘🏼‍♀️

What inspires you?

"What inspires me the most is creating beautiful things, dreaming, protecting life and nature, inspiring through my actions and accomplishments. ✨

We live in a critical time where individual actions matter!

Ethics, sustainable development, environmental protection and respect for peoples and cultures particularly affect me.

Above all, I also love traveling, which is my source of inspiration for my ideas and creations. The values that inspire me the most are freedom, respect, kindness and knowing how to marvel on a daily basis." 🌸

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